Monday Nov. 26th my book will finally be out.  I(ts been a long and difficult process but I hope that you all enjoy it.  I got a billion people to thank but two people I have to thank are Jason Hoekstra and Timothy Murphy.  Without these guys I would have never pulled this off. Now I will admit I was reading a few things over and I did find a few gotchas with the source, not sure how they sneaked in since the source code i have works, but I obviously goofed later (thats what errata is for, right?)  Make sure you download the source code from Apress's website, because it provides all of the necessary components and functional tests.  I did not include Unit Tests, but if there is high enough demand for them I will update the source later. (I'll make sure to update my blog as well, so check back here for any updates) Also please don't hesitate to give me "constructive" feedback, this is my first book, so i don't expect to have done everything perfectly.  But I do aim to please, so ask/comment away.... Just be nice about it :)