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March, 2007

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    Clean Up the Vista Networks

    In my last post I wrote about the Vista Network List Manager! If you ran the sample, I attached you might see a lot of "old" networks still stored on your machine! (like some WLANs at hotels, ...) I was wondering how to clean up the list of networks and...
  • the green geek

    Vista Network List Manager

    Another new feature I came across is called "Network List Manager"! This new COM Type Library allows you to enumerate all available networks or network interfaces and read or even write extended properties of those. To use the new API, you need...
  • the green geek

    Vista Command Link Control with C# / Windows Forms

    How to write a wrapper control for Windows Vista command links in Windows Forms / C#....
  • the green geek

    [Update] Big>Days 2007

    Hi! Last week we tested our session in a 5pm - 11pm rehearsal.. Unfortunately we've found out: it is far too long. Unless you don't care spending > 2 hours we should shorten it up a little. So here's the plan: I threw out the UI and UAC stuff (I...
  • the green geek

    SQL Server User Provisioning Tool for Vista

    After installing SQL Server 2005 or Express on Windows Vista you may have noticed, that your user accounts (even though being in the local computer's administrators group) are not allowed to connect to the SQL Server. Which is bad if you're not running...
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