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April, 2007

  • the green geek

    UAC Elevation for MSI Packages

    It has been serveral times now, that I tried to install an MSI package and occurred some strange error! The reason for this... yes Vista User Account Control! Unfortunately MSI Packages do not elevate automatically, and it's also hard to elevate them...
  • the green geek

    WPF/E is now called Microsoft Silverlight - sequel to my BigDays session

    Those of you, who visited my session on Windows Presentation Foundation, hopefully remember speaking about WPF/E - a lightweight XAML based technology for developing interactive webapplications. As I mentioned in my speech, Windows Presentation Foundation...
  • the green geek

    BigDays Demos and Links

    Yesterday was the final spurt of our Big>Days 2007 Roadshow! One day of sessions in Vienna's "Austria Convention Center"! At the same time as our conference, there were official exams for financial inspectors - which resulted in a funny incident: As...
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