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December, 2008

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    Wake-On-Lan Client with C#

    I bought myself an Acer L5100 Media Center PC, running with Windows Vista Media Center for Christmas. What I wanted was some functionality to wake up the media center out of shutdown mode. So I dig into Wake-On-Lan. Almost any modern network interface...
  • the green geek

    IP Address Calculations with C# (Subnetmasks, Networks, …)

    Recently I wanted to develop a wake-on-lan application for my media center. For that I needed the broadcast address of my local LAN. So I decided to write a small but interesting library.. (you can leverage it for all kinds of network calculations like...
  • the green geek

    WPF Day in Dublin

    Last week I was in Dublin doing two sessions on WPF for Microsoft Ireland. They did a "Client-UI Day", where they featured WPF and Silverlight. The first session was given by the Irish Developer Evangelist Ronan Geraghty , who did an introduction...
  • the green geek

    Silverlight Toolkit - December Release

    The Silverlight Toolkit is a project built by the Silverlight product team, which contains a lot of "out-of-release cycle" controls. These are grouped into three parts: Controls Charts Themes Controls include various nice controls (lots of them...
  • the green geek

    A Valuable Tool for WPF and Silverlight

    Working with WPF & Silverlight is really great! The only problem if you use it in production is how you quickly generate new views. They don't need any animations or other stuff, just plain details views. You could do it with Expression Blend or the...
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