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February, 2009

  • the green geek

    Custom Search Providers for Internet Explorer

    I’m sure all of you know the search box in Internet Explorer! You can search ANY searchable site there via pluggable search providers. Per default some of them are installed, but you can add your own! Here’s how to do it: Go to the page...
  • the green geek

    IE 8 Searchbar – Instant Answers

    Now that I’m running Windows 7 I’m using the new IE 8 as well. Recently I found a cool new feature called “Instant Answers”. Just enter some queries into the search box and you’ll get the answer in the drop-down box below the search box. There are different...
  • the green geek

    Upgrade TFS 2008 Workgroup Edition to Standard Edition

    I’ve had a little playground TFS 2008 installation for a while for use with some “pet-projects”. I used TFS 2008 Workgroup Edition for this, as this is already part of MSDN subscription package. This edition works the same as the full one, but is limited...
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