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July, 2008

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My name is Arunjeet Singh and I work as a Microsoft field consultant. Knowledgecast is a place where I document my experiences as I learn new technology and get to grips with problems I come across in my day to day work. Whenever I learn something new I try and get it out (in as structured a way as possible) to the wider developer community. I guess this is my way of spreading the love :D

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    Encrypting Configuration Settings in .NET 2.0

    This article describes a utility called ProtectConfig that can be used to Encrypt/Decrypt .NET 2.0 configuration files using the ProtectSection ( ) API...
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    Using VisualTransition with a Silverlight Content Control

    Note: The zip archive below has been updated after Silverlight 2 released to the web. For more details on the changes I made, see this post. This post is part of series that demonstrates how to write a Silverlight 2 content control. The first post...
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    Assigning a Name to a Silverlight Element

    I answered this in a comment earlier today but I figured this was something that deserved a post of its own. There seems to be some confusion around how to set the name (x:Name in XAML) of a Silverlight object in code. Here's how it's done: object...
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    Writing a Silverlight Content Control

    This article illustrates the writing of a Silverlight content control. If you’d rather just dive into the code and explore it yourself then it is available for download here:
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