Over the weekend, I wrote a C# class that generates custom tabs for the Online Resources portion of the Start Page based on a whitepaper by Eli Murray and Jonathan Gordon, Customizing the VS.NET 2003 Start Page.  I call the tab "My Blogs" or simply, The Bloggregator.  When you open the tab, the underlying xml 'tab definition file' is transformed on the Start Page according to a server-based xsl spreadsheet and validated per a VS.NET provided xdr.  If well-formed (and only if), the content of the specified RSS feed (ie, http://blogs.gotdotnet.com/korbyp/blogxbrowsing.asmx/GetRss?) is dynamically rendered. 

The Finished Product is a nicely formatted, condensed, and easily readable view of an RSS feed.  This includes the Blog Title followed by the item/title, item/pubdate, and an abbreviated item/description for each item node in the specified feed.

How It Works: when generating the custom tab, my C# class:
  1. Creates a new XmlTextWriter and initializes it with the standard custom tab file elements.
  2. Grabs an RSS feed and saves it as an XmlDocument in memory.
  3. Iterates through the XmlDocument using an XPathNodeIterator.
  4. Writes the text values for the elements of interest (title, pubdate, description) from the RSS feed(s) to the XmlTextWriter.
  5. Saves the writer as MyBlogs.xml in VS.NET's custom tab directory, overwriting the existing file if one already exists.

Next Steps: 
Currently, my blog feed is hard coded.  I plan to extend the functionality of the bloggregator tab (using the prescribed add-in worker element) such that users can type in a blog feed on the fly or select one they've previously provided from a drop down list and display the contents of the feed with the click of a button.  
Thereafter, I plan to enable sorting and filtering by category so that a user can select a feed from one dropdown control and then select one or more of that feed's categories from another control before displaying the feed on their start page.