A month ago, I caved in to peer pressure ;-) and installed Groove on my test machine, just to check it out.  Wow.  What a tight product.  It's intuitive, sets up flawlessly, and sports a beautiful user interface.  The help is well-balanced, instructive, and updates from the Web on demand. Also, the C# API reference makes me want to become a programmer or an API doc writer, I don't know which. The UI is a blend of Web and Win design motifs, the effect of which is a fluid, funky, modern user experience that blurs the line between online and offline activities and UI. I've used it it to "groove" with a friend inside the LAN and occasionally outside the MSFT firewall and have encountered no crashing bugs or other annoyances. Groove is what I call a "squishy app"; it's fun for awhile but does not, at least out of the box, fulfill any of my immediate business needs. Perhaps my manager would be more likely to approve of it if it supported document versioning...? Nah, probably not.

Today, I attempted to install the Groove Toolkit for Visual Studio .NET I was hoping to investigate writing a VSS add-in control for addition to a Groove workspace.  The Toolkit setup failed with a message, "The installation wizard detected that Visual Studio .NET is not installed on your system. Please install Visual Studio .NET before installing Groove Toolkit for Visual Studio .NET. The installation wizard will close when you click OK. " Problem is, I have VS.NET on my machine.  I think that they're looking for VS.NET version 2002, whereas I have version 2003.  Bummer.  I guess this science project will have to wait for another 3-day weekend.