In Visual SourceSafe, the values of options--such as those visible in the Options dialog box--are stored in one of two initialization files: SRCSAFE.ini or SS.ini. You can find SRCSAFE.ini in the root VSS installation directory (e.g., C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VSS) and you can find SS.ini in the ..\users\username folder for each VSS user. SRCSAFE.ini contains global settings that apply to all users whereas SS.ini contains user-specific settings.

When you perform a SourceSafe command--via the Explorer, Admin, or command line interfaces--the program queries SRCSAFE.ini and SS.ini for command-conditioning options. In the case of a Checkout operation for example, SRCSAFE.ini is interrogated for the value of the Multiple_Checkouts variable. If yes, the program does one thing. If no, it does something else.

I plan to explore the history, function, and recommended settings for some of the more important, intriguing, problematic, and undocumented initialization variables in subsequent posts, probably starting with Force_Dir: my favorite.  Stay Tuned.

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