When creating labels in Visual SourceSafe, avoid label names that begin with numerals or the letter ‘L’. Here’s why:

  1. Avoid Numerical Labels
    When used in combination with
    -vL, labels that start with a number are not processed correctly. For example,
    ss history $/Test -vL4.0.1~2.0.3
    should return history for versions of $/Test between labeled version “2.0.3” and “4.0.1.”  In actuality, this command returns history for all versions of the $/Test project, including labeled version "1.0.0", which lies outside the specified range.
  2. Avoid 'L' Labels
    When used in combination with the
    -L parameter, labels that start with the letter 'L' are not processed. For example,
    ss history $/Test -vLabel5
    returns nothing.  It returns nothing because ss.exe parses –vLabel5 as ‘return history for the -version which is Labeled abel5.  Since there are no versions labeled abel5, nothing is returned.

VSS Best Practice: You can avoid label-naming issues by prepending “ver” or some other standard prefix to all of your labels.

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