Today, I am honored to share an announcement about the future of Visual SourceSafe.  If you haven't already surmised by the content of this blog, improving the VSS user experience (the documentation in particular) is my most recent project.*

In the world of software development, the following announcement was probably barely audible, if at all.  But for VSS, the Roadmap is HUGE!  The Roadmap is 100 decibels of source-controlled joy. Finally! The SourceSafe feature team is planning to do more than fix bugsAs many customers have observed recently, the last few VSS releases have seemed like a reverse alphabetical countdown to something: 6.0, 6.0a, 6.0b, 6.0c, 6.0d.  Whidbey will be different...

Excerpt from the Whidbey Roadmap:

"Configuration Management
Software Configuration Management (SCM) is a disciplined approach to managing and controlling the evolution of software development and maintenance practices as they change over time. With SCM, enterprise developers can make safe alterations to existing code, track changes across developers, projects, and time, manage the build process effectively, and track project defects and issues. By providing project-oriented software management, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe delivers integrated SCM support for developers using Visual Studio.

In Whidbey, Microsoft will improve upon the Visual SourceSafe tools and offer programmers working in small teams the technology they need to manage source code as well as other files in their solution. Visual SourceSafe will be extended to offer support for Web service and Unicode projects, helping programmers more effectively meet the challenges of today's business. Further, programmers will enjoy improved performance and tighter integration between Visual SourceSafe and the Visual Studio IDE."

In addition to the improvements highlighted above, I would add two things:

  1. A big HELP viewer upgrade (the same as Visual Studio .NET).
  2. A greatly improved HELP experience, which is a personal pledge from me.
Stay tuned for more SourceSafe news and--if you haven't done so in awhile--run Analyze on your favorite VSS database.

* What can I say?  I'm a romantic technical writer with a weakness for old battlehorses.

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