A customer recently asked,

"We are using Visual SourceSafe for version control for one of our .NET based projects. We are wondering if SourceSafe can be setup to automatically send out change notification to a mailing list whenever a file is checked in? We find such a feature useful and have been using it on our CVS system for a different project. I searched the SourceSafe documentation, Google and msdn.microsoft.com regarding this and did not find any relevant information. Could you please confirm if such a setting is possible and if so how to do that?"

A member of my team responds,

"Visual Source Safe exposes an event trapping model which exposes the before check in and after checkin events. Using this model one could code a VSS add-in that would send mail notification on each checkin. There is an article describing event trapping and the IVSS interface at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dnvss/html/vssauto.asp"

If you're interested in writing a check in notification add-in for VSS, you might consider sending your notifications via NET SEND rather than email. Of course, email is much better if you or the members of your team ever connect to the VSS database remotely.  But NET SEND is more direct and immediate than emails and the messages won't contribute to Inbox bloat (yuk).  I found a nifty C# method that launches cmd.exe and runs NET SEND programmatically on ASPAlliance.com: http://www.aspalliance.com/olson/methods/SendNetSend.aspx.

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