MSBuild is the [extensible, scalable, transparent] next generation build engine and platform for Visual Studio .NET.  Many of our sharpest PMs, developers, testers, and yes, even writers, are feverishly working on this project.

A number of folks with whom I've discussed MSBuild--including several enterprise development consultants in the field--believe that it just might be the single most important feature innovation in our pipeline. And if you consider how many one-off build tools and convoluted prescriptive build processes have been developed (or evolved) since the release of VS.NET 2002, it's hard to argue with them.

Now, YOU can get a Sneak Peak of MSBuild at the PDC in LA. Thanks to Chris for the link.

"Introducing MSBuild: The Universal Build Engine for Visual Studio "Whidbey" and "Longhorn"
Track: Tools and Languages   Code: TLS347
Speakers: Alex Kipman, Rajeev Goel
MSBuild is the next generation build engine that delivers scalability and flexibility for the entire range of build scenarios, from the basics to complex build-lab scenarios. Drill into the capabilities of this universal build engine for Visual Studio "Whidbey" and the "Longhorn" operating system--from its XML-based persistence model and human-readable file format, to its ability to assist in the creation of build steps and processes for Visual Studio projects."


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