It's true. Craig is now a blogger.

Reader  recently asked in a comment to one of my posts, "...does the .NET IDE team have anyone like Raymond Chen, that perhaps reports on the historical reasons for doing stuff in the .NET IDE in their blogs?"

Not wanting to over-promise and under-deliver, I responded, "Short Answer: No."  I then went to work to convince Craig, who is indeed the Raymond Chen of the IDE's DTE, that he should start a blog.

I am pleased to welcome a good friend and righteous, hardcore programmer to the blogosphere. Craig Skibo, developer of the Visual Studio .NET automation model and co-author of the book, Inside Visual Studio .NET 2003, has started a weblog. An introduction in his own words.

Judging by past performance, Craig's posts will be humorous, honest, intriguing, informative and packed with awesome code samples.  Subscribed.


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