If you read my weblog on occasion, you may have noticed that I have steadfastly avoided the blogger clique: the Ruby's, the Winers, the Scobles.   I have not taken a position on the RSS wars (unless you count linking to Don Box but not Sam or Dave) and I haven't dragged my readers into the daily, digital fray.  Instead, I have attempted to maintain a laser-like focus on versioning and source control technology.  I focus on a single subject--most of the time--because that's what I know and that's where my cycles can benefit the most number of people.  My blog is not an immortality project or a soapbox.  Rather, it as a microphone that I am honored to use for as long as the MC will allow. I don't use it to disseminate my political views, scream in the wilderness, or talk just to hear myself talk. I treat it as an information medium, as a channel for communicating ideas, and as a sounding board for the documentation that I write for VSS and Visual Studio.  Increasingly, my blogroll is populated by like-minded, domain-specific weblogs that are written by real people with interesting ideas and a serious agenda; people like Scott Mitchell, Raymond Chen, Craig Skibo, and Clay Shirky.

I hope that you find value in my approach to weblogging. 

At the other end of the blogging spectrum is a fellow Microsoft employee, the comically famous and infamous Robert Scoble, a man with as many opinions as ideas as words as fragmentary thoughts as run-on sentences as friends as detractors who finds order and meaning for his chaotic life in the form of a public diary that he calls a weblog. I haven't quite figured the guy out but I do know that Scoble's diary is like a cross between a Mozart symphony, an episode of Jerry Springer, the Wall Street Journal, and Sabado Gigante. It is exhausting, immersive, and at times, maddening. It is a modern serial in the Dickensian tradition. It is linksalicious. Steve says that "Scoble is a human aggregator."

More and more, it seems that Robert Scoble has become a lightning rod for Microsoft.  He is our blogger-laureate. Today, he writes,

"Microsoft-hater Ru$$ell Beattie says "M$ SmartPhones Catching Up."

Heh, maybe I should change my name to $cobleizer.

Update: Russell doesn't want me linking to his site anymore, so he's redirecting my site to a different place. You'll have to enter his URL into your browser by hand. Ahh, the fun."

I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when reading the comments for this post. Typical Scobleizer.

Until today, I have kept Robert Scoble at arm's length. No more. My blogroll needs a little spice.  Robert, welcome the WunderkammerSubscribed.  Semper blog, dude. 


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