I recently received this C# code snippet from a customer (my question follows):

  //remove all instances of label "bad label" in the versions collection objVSSVersion
foreach(IVSSVersion objVssVersion in myVssItem.get_Versions(0))
          if (objVssVersion.Label == "Bad Label")

Upon running this code, the customer sees one of two errors:

·  "A history operation is already in progress"

·  "File VSSSERVERPATH\data\s\sfvaaaaa is already open"

There appears to be another VSSVersions object instantiated. At present, you can have only one at a time. 

To work around this limitation, we have to figure out how to finalize the existing object, right?  I have some idea about how to do this but would like to hear your thoughts.  How does one do this?  Is it even possible in C#?

Have you run into this problem with an IVSS... object before?  If so, what was your workaround.

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