Need some time to catch up on your email or pay some bills?  Wanna read an online article about your favorite baseball, cricket, or football team's latest game?  Here's a five second task whose completion can convince the toughest micro-manager that you've been burning the candle at both ends to protect your company's vital data.

Create a SourceSafe database disaster recovery plan. And since everything with an acronym connotes hard work, give it a fat one like SSDDRP. Your boss will love it.

To Backup a Visual SourceSafe Database

Copy it to a new location…

1.      Create a share on a computer that does not contain your SourceSafe database (eg, \\server2\vss_backup$).

Impress your boss   Insert a $ symbol after the name of your share to hide it from casual browsers on the network.

2.      In Windows Explorer on the SourceSafe server, select the SourceSafe installation folder (eg, c:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio/VSS).

3.      On the Edit menu, click Copy.

4.      Browse to the backup share you created in step 1.

5.      On the Edit menu, click Paste.


Optionally, you can create a tape backup of the server on which your backed up database is stored.  It's that easy. 

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