"The humble weblog has finally achieved dominance over Google, the world's most-used search engine."   -Andrew Orlowski in the Register

This is old news in the blogosphere but it definitely deserves more press. Google, a company that I hold in the highest regard (unrivaled product | crafty revenue model | take their employees to Tahoe for a week of skiing each year | developer-friendly | brand recognition galore), is planning to have an IPO next year, "The Google IPO". I wonder how many Wall Street traders, investment consultants, and fund managers even know what a blog or a trackback is.

You can get a good sense of the power weblogs have in the Land-o-Google by searching for these otherwise common words (off the top of my head): better living, dare (kuro5in), dive, doc, gentile, ongoing, ruby, winer... The list goes on. What do those words have in common? They're all weblogger names or aliases.  Why do they rank so highly in Google searches? Read the article.

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