Are you going to PDC?  If so, I hope you have tickets and I highly recommend the Indigo briefing sessions by Don Box (and friends) with one caveat but you'll have to keep reading my silly run-on sentences to find out what that caveat is.

I won't be at the PDC myself this year :-(, but I was honored to attend Don's dry run of two Indigo sessions earlier today. A 'dry run' is an opportunity for PDC presenters to preach a Saturday sermon to the choir, iron out the wrinkles in their code demos, fine tune their timing, and practice cheesy one-liners like "The URI constructor is a hideous pig." LOL on their fellow Microsoft employees.

What is Indigo?
As Don puts it, Indigo is a set of services that provide a service-oriented alternative to object-oriented programming in order to make it easier to build and deploy distributed applications on the .NET platform. For more details, read what Benjamin Mitchell has to say about Indigo. If you do go to the PDC and you are lucky enough to actually get a seat in one of the Indigo sessions toward the front of the auditorium, be prepared to pay the Don Box Tax.  Don, godspeed. The dry run rocked.

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