Check out the new online help for Windows Longhorn SDK! If you haven't already heard, Longhorn is the next release of Microsoft Windows and was released as a developer preview at the Professional Developer's Conference (PDC) last week in Los Angeles, California. 

The LHSDK help system's annotation feature is awesome. Officially known as "Microsoft public discussion" it allows you to add comments, code samples, questions, and anything else (including Linux taunts, apparently) to any online help topic.  As a writer, I have vociferously lobbied for this sort of interactive user affordance (AND MORE) for years.  Kudos to Andy Oakley and Sara Williams for implementing a truly kick ass feature.

The best thing about LHSDK annotations is that users can subscribe to an RSS feed for a particular topic.  As a writer, this is a killer feature because I can "watch" my topics, respond to user questions in a threaded discussion in near real-time, and correct technical errors in or improve my topics more quickly and appropriately for the next RTW or RTM.  As a user, subscriptive annotations are a  killer feature because they allow me to ask a question about a particular help topic and then monitor that topic via my newsreader for a response.

For more information about this killer, killer feature, see Sara's write up, Yippee... Annotations!.

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