Viewing Old Posts by Category
By default, this Website only displays seven (7) calendar days of blog posts.  If you would like to read posts that have scrolled off the page, go to the CATEGORIES section on the right hand side of the Web page and click your favorite category to see all related posts since the beginning of blogtime.

Subscribing to Categorical Sub-feeds
If you subscribe to my blog using a newsreader (I recommend Sharpreader) and are only interested in one particular category, you can subscribe to that category's sub-feed by appending "categoryName=Visual%20SourceSafe" or "categoryName=Announcements" to the end of my RSS URL,  Of course, if you're lazy like me ;-), you can simply copy the category's RSS URL to your clipboard from the little (rss) link to the right of the category name.

Finding Sites that Refer to this Blog
Would you like to know who else is reading my blog?  You can find out in two ways:

Read comments or;
Go to
For many good reasons, most blog owners do not provide access to their referrers page, if one is even available.  In my case, anyone can access referrers.aspx, which can be used in a number of ways.

As a writer, I use my referrers.aspx page to track the types of questions my users are asking. I can ascertain these questions from Google URLs, which are embedded with search keywords.  Two examples from today:

keywords: visual sourcesafe keyword expansion
keywords: microsoft old blog

As a software documentation writer, knowing the types of questions my readers are asking allows me to create highly targeted blog posts AND enables me to more easily create or improve help topics that ship with the products I support.

As a reader, you can use my referrers.aspx page to see where other readers with your interests and needs are coming from on the Internet.  As such, you can use my referrers.aspx to broaden your resource horizon beyond the narrow view my blog provides, connect with other readers, and eventually discover supportive and enriching online communities that you never knew existed.

Notes: My referrers.aspx page is refreshed every day at midnight.  Anyone who arrives at my blog by NOT clicking on a link -- for example, running an RSS newsreader or typing the URL directly into their browsers -- has no referring link. Such hits show up as just a number.

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