If you're reading my blog--and believe me, you really are--and you're a software developer or IT professional, there's a good chance you're already familiar with GotDotNet Workspaces.  If you have no idea what a Workspace is or have never created or joined one, here are a few of their advantages, all free for the taking:

"Source control
Store source code updates by different developers, keeping a history of previous versions. Available as a web interface, a Windows Forms client and, new for this release, through the source control features of Visual Studio.NET.

Bug tracker
Record code defects, work items and suggestions, tracking progress and changing ownership.

Team communication
Message boards for community discussion and project-specific news available as an RSS feed. "

For more information about GDN Workspaces, see Workspaces overview presentation (speakers req'd). You can browse a list of existing workspaces to see what other developers are up to at http://www.gotdotnet.com/Community/Workspaces/Directory.aspx.

I'm interested in learning what you think of these tools. Are they easy to use? Is the documentation adequate?

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