Need to access your VSS projects when you're not on the company network?

Currently, Eric Sink's company, SourceGear, sells a product called SourceOffSite that provides remote access to VSS databases.

The next version of Visual SourceSafe will include a feature that allows you to access your source-controlled projects in Visual Studio over the Internet.

If you can't wait for the next version of Visual SourceSafe, can't afford SourceOffSite, or are just interested like me, there's a new freeware app you might consider.

The following announcement was posted by Arthur Neterovsky on the microsoft.public.vsnet.vss newsgroup last week:



I'm glad to announce the new version of SCCBridge project.


This is freeware project that implements remote access

to version control systems (including SourceSafe) via web



The following features are implemented in the current version:

    - web service;

    - a bridge to SourceSafe database;

    - client-side console application, which also can be used as

      a simple comandline building tool;

    - client-side GUI application for visual manipulating of remote version

      control system;

    - integration module for Visual Studio .NET 2003 (NEW!!!).


The SCCBridge project is implemented as open sources project, so feel

free to download it from my home page.


From sources you can study how to:

    - use SourceSafe OLE Automation from .NET application;

    - upload/download files using DIME;

    - compress files;

    - use COM Interop and so on.


Besides sources, this is just useful freeware tool.

Read more about the project and its features at my

home page (address see below).


P.S. I'll be glad to receive any feedback and I'll answer to

        any questions concerning the project.


With best wishes, Arthur Nesterovsky


Please visit my home page:

If you install Arthur's app, let us know what you think by adding your comments to this post.  Thanks!


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