Last night, I typed “Parnell“ into my Google toolbar and was surprised to see a link to my blog, not just on Page 1 but in the number 3 slot (!). I am now more googlicious than my most famous ancestor, an Irish dude named Charles Stuart (#4).
Like most third-generation Americans, I descend from a long line of proud but really, really hungry northern Europeans and one well-fed politician or aristocrat, real or fancied.
With relatively little effort, absolutely no premeditation, zero googlewashing, and without the aid of trackbacks, I have achieved GoogleGreatness. I have unwittingly surpassed Parnell Pharmaceuticals, Parnell Genealogy, Parnell Playing Cards, the Parnell Cricket Club Online, Mel Parnell, the great Red Sox southpaw, the Parnell Community Trust, Parnell & Associates, a personal injury law firm in Las Vegas, and even Parnell Worldwide, Inc, to name just a few. Will wonders ever cease?  Just three more Parnells to bump off before I am the most googlicious Parnell in cyberspace---[dr. evil laugh]---. They are: 
2. Mystery writer Parnell Hall
1. The Ascot Parnell Luxury B&B in Auckland
0. Lee Roy Parnell's* Online Roadhouse.
So how can you too achieve GoogleGreatness?  Blog.  Blog.  Blog.
*Lee Roy, bud, if you're reading this, I have the following words of advice: start a blog with trackbacks, update it more often than me (which isn't too hard), point to a few friends and contemporaries, and make sure that your Website is running ASP.NET! Don't worry, your Web designers will know what that is. Oh, and the next time you come to the Seattle area to play at Puyallup or Marymoor, do drop by. We can play John Madden Football on my XBox and compare family histories.

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