As a percentage of the general population, I don't suspect too many of you will find this very helpful but you can download a Visual Studio .NET 2002 (upgradable to 2003) solution, 'IVSS Sample' (SourceSafe API) that demonstrates how to build a custom GUI for a Visual SourceSafe database.  The sample code is written in both Visual Basic and C#.  Note to self:  need to get this sample running, refactor interesting bits into more digestible chunks, document intro steps and beef up the inline comments.  For those of you who have already downloaded and used this sample, I'd really love to hear what you have to say about it.  Worthy?  Unworthy?  Did you encounter any issues and if so, what was the workaround?

In related news, Michael Carter recently reported the following in a post on the public VSNET.VSS newsgroup (where I have been lurking like an earthworm for one day too long): Has anyone else noticed that the MSSCCI documention is included in the VSIP 2003 SDK Extras kit? It even includes a sample project.

I didn't see any kind of non-disclosure in the documentation folder.

I signed the original NDA, but it seems like Microsoft has finally decided to open it up.

This will definitely be helpful for those people that want to create source control providers and make it open source.

Anyway, if you haven't already done so, sign up for the VSIP Extras Beta at

Michael, you're right.  It took us awhile to convince whoever it was we had to convince but Joy to the World, the separate MSSCCI non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is no longer required.  And Yes! You can even talk about MSSCCI in public now.  :-) :-)  ...i think.

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