Last week, I linked from my blog post, WikiWiki as Tech Review Vehicle to the tip, or latest versions of three WikiTopics at Shortly thereafter, a malicious komment kiddie defaced at least one of the WikiTopics to which I linked with a distateful image. As he would later comment on my blog, “That's the other edge of the Wiki sword.“  You're right,  Point taken.  Lesson learned.

I cannot and do not really want to deny any user the right to edit the tip version of any WikiTopic. On the other hand, I don't want to point you, my readers and subscribers to ugly acts of WikiVandalism.  Therefore, I will never again link to the tip version of a WikiTopic, at least from this blog.  Instead, when I link to a wiki page I will point to a specific version of its WikiTopic (eg,, which can be deleted but can never be changed.

Over the weekend, I created a couple of FlexWiki topics to collect ideas, examples, and links to more information about using Wiki as a tech review tool or as a documentation delivery vehicle. If you click on one of the following links and decide that you want to view or contribute to the latest version, select the topmost item from the Versions dropdown in the righthand pane and click Show.