“Sipping from the Firehose” is Microspeak for, 'I have 111 documentation issues (ahem, bugs) to fix, program managers from three feature teams knocking down my door, seventy topics in tech review, another fifty in the queue, 950 topics from which I must remove authoring notes for a community drop of Visual Studio by the end of the day, an important presentation that needs to be refined, a pregnant wife on hold, two IM conversations going, one hungry cat and one neurotic cat, and one hundred thirty-two unread emails in my Inbox.'

At times like this, I feel like Lt. Dan, strapped to the mast of Forrest Gump's shrimping boat in the middle of Hurricane Carmen.  “Come on! You call this a storm?“

For those of you who have emailed me offline over the last couple of weeks requesting more information about this, that, or the other thing, I apologize for not responding to your requests as immediately or as thoroughly as I normally do.  I see blue skies on the horizon.  Interacting with the developer community on a day to day basis is like going to Disneyland with a group of ten year olds: it's energizing to a point, exhausting after a few hours, and worth every darn second. 

If you have a question about SourceSafe or source control integration in Visual Studio, or some other subject that you'd like to see me address in a detailed, feature length blog post, please feel free to email me offline.  However, if you have a quick question that relates to an existing post (for examples, see VSS Tips and Tricks, Source Control, Social Computing, or Documentation), I usually respond to those more quickly.  Alternatively, you can email your question to http://www.msdn.microsoft.com/newsgroups/default.aspx?dg=microsoft.public.vsnet.vss.