Hallmarks of a Great Tester is the best Microsoft help wanted post I've seen yet. Oops, I just ruined it.

Anyway, it begins with,

If you ask me, I'll tell you a great tester

Is devious

A great tester has a streak of deviousness.  Anyone can follow the lists of test cases that abundantly fill most books on testing.  A great tester can move beyond these lists and dream up an endless series of gnarly methods for attacking the program.  A great tester is described by developers as "sick" and "demented".

and ends with,

“Want a fun job on a great team?  Send two coding samples and an explanation of why you chose them, and of course your resume, to me at michhu at microsoft dot com.  I need testers, and my team needs a data binding developer, program managers, and a product manager.  Great coding skills required for all positions.”

Wouldn't it be cool to work for a manager that appreciates your deviousness?