I want to change the subtitle of my blog and I’d like your help doing so.

If you suggest the subtitle (or title) that I decide to use and you are the first person to suggest it, then I will send you a shrink wrapped copy of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Professional English. To sweeten the pot, the box that I send you will be signed by me and one other Microsoft employee of your choice* (scout's honor). I will even mail your box anywhere in the world, within reason. Here’s a little background to get your creative juices flowing.

Who is Korby Parnell?
Response.Write(”Hello Weblogs.ASP.NET”);

With the announcement of Visual Studio 2005 Team System, it's now clear to my 34 loyal readers why I haven’t been blogging about Visual SourceSafe much over the last 2-3 months: I’ve been distracted by my new job. Recently, I assumed ownership of the documentation for Microsoft’s next generation source control system, a v1 product that is known officially as Team Foundation. While I am no longer responsible for the Visual SourceSafe docset, I have and will continue to work closely with the writer we hired to manage that work going forward. I will also continue to support and improve the documentation user experience for the plug-in agnostic source control services in Visual Studio for users of Perforce, PVCS, Vault, VSS, Clearcase, Team Foundation, et al. Finally, I will continue to blog about VSS, often and well ;-).

I’d like to commemorate my move to the Team Foundation team by changing my weblog’s subtitle (and perhaps even it’s title) from “Got Source Control” to something new, less campy, less overloaded, and more bloggish. If I do change the title from “Korby Parnell’s Weblog”, my name will appear somewhere in the subtitle.

Rob has already suggested one subtitle that I like: “Source Control to Major Tom“. But Rob already owns a copy of Visual Studio .NET 2003. So even if I end up going with his suggestion (do you like it?) I *will* give away my VS.NET box to the the person who suggests the next best alternative.

Think you have a good one? You can either email it to me or leave it and your [obfuscated] email address in the comments for this post. I will accept submissions through July 31, 2004. Good Luck!

*Bear in mind that requests for an executive's signature could delay delivery of your prize. It's not every day that plebians like me bump into the likes of SteveB or BillG and I have absolutely no idea how our Legal department would react to such a request [shudder]. Consequently, I urge the winner of this prize to request that your box be signed by somebody “real” like Eric Gunnerson, Ward Cunningham, Scott Guthrie, Anders Hjelsberg, or Raymond Chen.