Let's face it; transparency is risky no matter where you are--with family, among friends, and especially in the workplace--because it exposes our vulnerabilities, both real and imagined.  On the whole, corporate managers are risk-averse people, relative to individual contributors.  I presume this to be true because managers better educated about the myriad of things that jeopardize their continued employment.

On the way to lunch yesterday, James Manning mentioned that almost *all* of the managers in his chain of command at Microsoft maintain blogs on blogs.msdn.com. One of the few holdouts is Steve Ballmer who, like a future NBA star whose parents made him concentrate on his studies rather than play high school hoops, appears to be a born blogger that got stuck in a CEO suit.  All together now... Let Ballmer Blog! Let Ballmer Blog! Let Ballmer Blog!

The blogger-managers in James' organization are Brian Harry (with whom I am spending the week), Rick LaPlante (new!), Soma Somasegar, and Eric Rudder. In my experience, not too many companies have managers who are such omnivourous consumers of new technology and potentially risky endeavors.  I am honored to be in the company of these gentlemen.

Whether you work in Silicon Valley, Bangalore, Dublin, Shanghai, Main Street USA, Johannesburg, London, St. Petersburg, Munchen, BsAs, or on Wall Street, you now have an opportunity to observe and in some cases, actively participate in the development of Microsoft software. 

Who do you want to know at Microsoft today?  Install a newsreader and subscribe, subscribe, subscribe, subscribe to Microsoft blogs.