Jason Barile, test lead for the new Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation source control application (codename, Hatteras) asks a tantalizing little question,

Anyone have suggestions for a cmd line executable name?”

As Jason points out, h commandname “...is the working name for our command line executable, and it's a short version  of “Hatteras”. It is unlikely, though not impossible, that we will ship “h“ with Microsoft Team Foundation for the following reasons:

  1. h is the abbreviated name of a project codename. Microsoft doesn't ship codenames.
  2. h is the nickname of a highly addictive substance.  And whereas Hatteras can be addictive to computer geeks, it's definitely not a drug and it's certainly good for your health.

So, do you want to make your mark?  Go for the mainline.  Suggest a name.  My suggestion is hr.exe because Hatteras is going to be a homerun.  Strike that.  Human Resources would be all over us for that. ;-)