Andrew Martin, you're the grand prize winner of The "Name That Blog" Contest. Please email me your street address so that I can drop The Prize in the mail.

Thanks to everyone who made a suggestion. Your submissions were BRILLIANT!

It's unfortunate that I only have one copy of Visual Studio .NET 2003 to give away because shortly after I announced this contest (and completely unbeknownst to me), a group of SourceSafe developers started a team blog whose name is uncannily similar to suggestions made by Brian Carroll  and Chris Hammond: CheckItOut. Gentlemen, I owe you one. Perhaps I can buy you dinner at an upcoming conference?

Once again, congratulations to Andrew. His suggestions (one of which I may or may not use) were:

If you build it, they will come. (a really good mix of planning commisioner and version control, if you ask me)


Branching Out.

Out on a Limb.

Precision Revisions.

A Snapshot of the mind of Korby Parnell.

Straight from the Source.

My Version of Things.

Built to Last.