As of last night, I am one of the four people on Earth for whom Google has lost its mojo. It's old hat. It was quite a romance but the end is near. Google, I still love you but...

I've lost that Google feeling.

Soon, very soon, you will be just another search engine with an ever-changing logo. Microsoft will launch its new MSN Search. Amazon will continue to improve, and apparently, even the sweet, little, old librarians at my public library will give you a run for your easy-come-easy-go IPO bucks.

It's been one year since Amazon announced it's "Search Inside the Book" initiative to drop tens of millions of non-fiction books into a searchable database and make it available to the public via its dazzling site. I had heard that the King County Library System’s online “databases” search* was good.

So last night, I decided to do a side-by-side comparison of and to see how good they really are. The results were astounding. I wonder why Google doesn't provide full-text book searches...

Search string: “Configuration Management
Additional Criteria: I was looking for a specific book about SCM.

My Results

1473 results.

Some books partially-searchable.

Included a link to excerpts of the specific book I was looking for and a way to buy a hard copy. (Searching Books24x7 category only)

144 Books returned

All books Fully-searchable

Did not include the book I was looking for but I found one for “free” that meets my needs. These fully-searchable books included titles like:

Software Configuration Management
Journal: Auerbach Publications 2004
Pages: (619)
ISBN: 0849319765

A Guide to Software Configuration Management
Journal: Artech House 2000
Pages: (382)
ISBN: 1580530729

Interpreting the CMMI: A Process Improvement Approach
Journal: Auerbach Publications 2003
Pages: (414)
ISBN: 0849316545

Software Configuration Management
Journal: John Wiley & Sons 1992
Pages: (352)
ISBN: 0471530492

Software Development on a Leash
Journal: Apress 2002
Pages: (429)
ISBN: 1893115917

Rapid Development: Taming Wild Software Schedules
Journal: Microsoft Press 1996
Pages: (647)
ISBN: 1556159005

You have to have a King County Library Card to utilize this service. You can apply online. I don't know if you can get a card if you are not a resident of King County Washington but it's certainly worth a try.