I’ve never been one to hang posters of synchronized dolphins jumping over inspirational quotes or deep thoughts on my wall but the assertion that “a whole can be greater than the sum of its parts” really does make me do a double-take every time I hear it. And more and more the second take finds me staring at a Team System splashscreen.

Visual Studio 2005 Team System is more than an IDE, issue tracking tool, or versioning solution. It is a force magnifier, a whole-greater-than-sum-of-parts system for professional developers. Using Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server together is like having a fast, grown up, LAN-based version of gotdotnet (workspaces, bug tracking, ...) built into Visual Studio. Every day that I have the privilege to play with and write about source control for Team Foundation, I find more and more to love. This thing is different, folks. Stay tuned or subscribe to my RSS feed for a post about Team Foundation security and version control permissions next week.

For more down to earth information about Team Foundation than you’ll find in this hyperbole-littered, Saturday evening blog post ;-), check out: video, blog, newsgroup, or whitepaper. Also take a look at my Team Foundation category.

Note    My editor, who does not blog, wants the world to know that she eschews “enlightening” email signatures and asks that you keep your deep thoughts and profound quotes to yourself. Me? I like *some* fluffy email signatures but that's a post for another day.