In his latest article for MSDN, Tenets of Transparency, Eric Sink continues his "non-legendary" crusade to confound his two point five critics and tickle his burgeoning horde of fans pink with superior writing, corn-fed frankness, and incisive insights into the business of making and selling software.

As a former member of Microsoft's SourceSafe and Visual Studio Team System teams, I know first hand that Eric Sink is one of our "competitors", at least technically. And whereas I firmly believe that Team System (which offers much more than just source control) is a totally different product than SourceGear Vault, Eric's company is about as worthy a competitor and partner as you'll ever find:  they push us in the right direction. SourceGear is our forcing function.

It can be argued that Eric Sink bears more responsiblity for the initiation of the Microsoft Team System project than any single Microsoft employee. In that way, Eric has and will continue to be more of a partner than a competitor in my mind. Any company that fails to recognize and listen to its partner-competitors-customers is doomed to failure. I'm pleased by Eric's success, love his articles, and sincerely hope that Microsoft management continues to recognize and listen to Eric as attentively as I do.

Write on, Eric.