Videos of the presentations from the Second Annual Microsoft Social Computing Symposium are now available for download from:

I recommend the following presentations, in rank order:

  1. Backchannels: Power and the Active Audience -- by Liz Lawley and Richard Hodkinson
  2. Visualizing Social Interactions and Collaboration History  (a subject which has gotten lots of press lately) by the amazing Fernanda Viegas
  3. From Trees to Tags -- by the same David Weinberger whose blog I do not read, and vice versa.
  4. Tesla, Tagging for the DeskTop -- by Matt McLaurin of Microsoft Research
  5. Exploring the Social Institutional Dimensions of MoSoSo Design: Are Smart Mobs Institutions for Collective Action? -- by the inimitable Howard Rheingold

Each and every one of the presentations were amazing. Don't trust me! There's something for everyone. Browse and be merry.

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