On my flight from Seattle to Boston, early yesterday morning, I cracked open a new book: Creating Customer Evangelists, by Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell. Whether you're a project manager, developer, executive, journalist, architect, designer, writer, marketer or anyone else involved in software development, I guarantee (GUARANTEE) that you will enjoy and derive value from this book.

When I walked into the Boston Convention Center for TechEd 2006, yesterday morning, one of the first people I bumped into was a CodePlex customer evangelist: Scott Cate, of MyKB.com and KBAlertz.com.

Today, the 2nd day of TechEd, Scott sported the T-shirt below. :-)

And here's Scott with a non-renegade CodePlex t-shirt, sitting with Chad Hower, project coodinator for two of the newest projects on CodePlex: Indy: Indy Mobile Agents and Indy.Sockets. (Chad promises to add source and more info about his projects soon...TechEd is a distracting event. ;-)_