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  • Blog Post: The Ten Tenets of Personalization for Social Software Development

    The Internet is a museum that is filled with many wonderful works of art, all of which you can appreciate from a sneeze-free distance but which, unless you intend to buy something must never, never be touched. The Internet of tomorrow-- MyInternet --is also filled with wunderbar things but the velvet...
  • Blog Post: Selecting Great UI Text

    Have you ever wondered how Microsoft feature teams make their UI text decisions? Until I came to work at Microsoft, I certainly did. One of the most important word selections of all time was “Start”. Why didn't they choose “Go” instead? Raymond talks about this in his seminal...
  • Blog Post: Source Control for Team Foundation, Presentation Notes

    I’m sitting here in the San Diego Convention Center’s Tent Pavilion in cabana #6, listening to Doug Neumann, the source control PM on the Visual Studio 2005 Team System team, talk about how to manage software configurations with Visual Studio 2005. Ninety percent of the 40-50 people in...
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