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December, 2007

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About See what I see.

See what I see is a look into the things I know.  I hope by sharing my viewpoints on various topics and divulging what i know, the world really will be a better place.  Or at least some people might learn some interesting facts along the way.

Generally I plan to focus on what I know about VSTO deployment, ClickOnce, testing or programming in general (this is what I work on).  I may occasionally talk about other observations or interests as the mood strikes me, but I suspect it will only happen occasionally as I like what I do and have a lot to say about it.

  • See what I see.

    My trusted secret inner circle.

    Before I jump right in, I want to give some major credit to the author of the MSDN articles that cover this same information. The information on this Blog is not meant to replace any of the information that is covered in the MSDN, but rather as a supplement...
  • See what I see.

    The passphrase is "Install already": A new look at VSTO Security.

    I've tried to start this post about ten times now, and honestly, the problem is that it's a little hard to know where to start. So I'm just going to dive in. With VSTO 2.0 to "trust" your customization, you would have to create Caspol entries for everything...
  • See what I see.

    Untangling the Terminology

    Originally I was planning on jumping right into some gory details about security model when I realized that half of what I was saying is quite possibly illegible because of the terminology I use. So I started a section of terminology that quickly exploded...
  • See what I see.

    Prospectus, Manifesto, Meaning and Intent.

    Welcome to my blog. First, an initial introduction: My name is Kristopher Makey, though typically I go by the much shorter label of "Kris". At the time of writing this initial blog post I work for Microsoft on Visual Studio Tools for Office. Specifically...
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