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September, 2010

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About See what I see.

See what I see is a look into the things I know.  I hope by sharing my viewpoints on various topics and divulging what i know, the world really will be a better place.  Or at least some people might learn some interesting facts along the way.

Generally I plan to focus on what I know about VSTO deployment, ClickOnce, testing or programming in general (this is what I work on).  I may occasionally talk about other observations or interests as the mood strikes me, but I suspect it will only happen occasionally as I like what I do and have a lot to say about it.

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    Playing with Genetics

    Genetic Algorithms that is: I've been toying with the ideas related to adaptive "AI".  The basic idea is:  If you could play a game where the content is adaptive, the game would seem "fresh" longer and you would have more...
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