Couple of days ago, I participated in the Hyderabad 10K run and for the 2nd year in a row, RFID tags were used to clock runners. My analog watch said 54 minutes, but the RFID measurement clocked me at 00:57:35. I guess technology deflated my short lived feeling of euphoria. I also expected to get segment times, to find out where I started slowing down or picking up speed, but alas, that was not to be. I guess there was not enough funding to place readers at  intermediate points.

This time, the organizers used a RFID tagged bib. In last year's run, a plastic tag was used and one had to attach it to the sneaker. I wonder about the pros and cons of each approach. I also noticed that a cable was strung across the start and finish areas. It was placed about 10 feet high and sure enough all finishers jumped up to touch it as if to indicate that they finished. Organizers had a tough time stopping people from destroying the cable :-).

Another trivia - last year a company from Netherlands provided the RFID Solution. This year, it was a French Company. Whose turn will it be next? No points for guessing Senor!

Is there any other sport where RFID technology is used?

It was also a sad week for folks in Mumbai, who were crushed by terrorism.  Is it possible to use RFID technology to counter terrorists while they are causing damage? With hotels becoming targets, how may they be able to use RFID to counter the threat? If you have any thoughts, please share.