March, 2009

  • Krish's BizTalk RFID Blog

    BizTalk RFID and Standards Support

    With the imminent release of BizTalk Server 2009, the BizTalk RFID team is proud of the products' growing support for industry standards. In this emerging technology, standards are critical to mass adoption. Enterprises can confidently adopt the technology...
  • Krish's BizTalk RFID Blog

    .net CF 3.5 and BizTalk RFID Mobile

    A number of BizTalk RFID Mobile developers have asked us about support for .net CF 3.5 in BizTalk RFID Mobile.  This post seeks to address this issue and provides information to enable .net 3.5 CF based applications to work with the BizTalk RFID...
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