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  • Blog Post: A concise history of the Bing Maps Windows 8 Map control.

    The Windows 8 Bing map XAML control (as opposed to the javascript control which is an entirely different beast) has a slightly different API when compared to earlier Bing Map XAML controls. Previous XAML controls have all been written in managed code whereas the Windows 8 map control is written in native...
  • Blog Post: Working with the Bing Maps Metro style map in XAML

    Win 8 xaml unfortunately does not supporting anything similar to TypeConverters to convert from strings to objects so some properties like Location end up being more verbose and less intuitive than in previous versions of Bing Maps xaml-compatible controls like Silverlight and WPF. In Silverlight one...
  • Blog Post: Using Bing Maps in a Windows 8 Metro style app

    The recently released Bing Maps controls for Windows 8 (available in the Visual Studio Gallery ) actually contains two separate map controls to support the two types of Windows 8 applications. One is a port of our existing Javascript map control and is used to write html/javascript applications, the...
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