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October, 2008

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    Silverlight 2

    Yesterday, we released Silverlight 2. You can learn more about Silverlight 2 and install it on the official Microsoft Silverlight Site . I for sure will dig deep into Silverlight in a couple of days. silverlight.RealeaseNewVersionToPublic( new Version...
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    Test Driven Development, TDD, will become quicker and better with Visual Studio Team System 2010

    We have just recently started to talk about our next developer tool, Visual Studio Team System 2010, and I must say that I’m in love with one new feature already. Ok, I haven’t really tried it yet for myself, but just to read about this feature makes...
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    VSTS Developer Edition merges with Database Edition

    Good news for all you developers that are also working with databases (I know... that's probably all of you.) We have made changes to Visual Studio Team System Editions. From now on Developer Edition and Database Edtion can be seen as one Edition. If...
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    Refreshing my Linq skills

    ... and just thought I could share my experience with you. My training in the US is over and I’ve been back in Sweden for two weeks. It’s been two busy weeks with several customer meetings and an ALM Workshop… and ALM is Application Lifecycle Management...
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