I hope Sun is elected. It's not that the other five companies aren't deserving, but Sun's role in XML and Java has more than earned it this spot. If it Sun is denied this spot, there'll be a lot of eyeball rolling and well- justified "here we go agains."

Nearly a year ago, when IBM and Microsoft first got together to form the WS-I, they approached a select few companies that they considered to be leaders in Web Services technologies and asked them to become founding members. In what appeared to me to be an industry power play, Sun was not one of the select few.

Well, to quote your president -- "I respectfully disagree." Sun has done little to foster the goals of WS-I. They aren't members of SOAPBuilders, they were sucky about the initial invite, they've pushed back against SOAP since the beginning, and they think FTP is a web service.

If it were up to me, I'd have difficulty picking two out of Cape Clear, VeriSign and webMethods, and I'd likely write in a vote for Simon Fell.
The opinions expressed here are mine, and have nothing to do with my employer, I just like SOAP and fear for its future.