Thank heavens! Duncan let's me know what I'm to do here.

Still, 5:35, and I've been up for 3 hours -- wish I knew what to do with insomnia. Perhaps coding, instead of re-playing Neverwinter Nights and researching PHP sites.

OK, let's discuss moving at Microsoft. ScotGu's described some parts of it, including the 'plan' for laying out MSFT buildings. Personally, I prefer the old buildings, like 5 -- which I have now returned to. Having a lovely green view out the window is much better than the hallway view I had in 42. I agree, though -- 10 is whacked, the only building I've seen that is worse is 16, where I swear you can only get to parts of the second floor by magical hidden elevator.

So, onto the details of moving at Microsoft.

It begins, as all tales do at Microsoft with a lovely interview loop. The internal transfer ones are almost as much fun (thanks Matt) as the 'new hire' interview loops. Next, if you've fooled at least 4 out of the seven (or thereabouts) interviewers, your old and new managers battle it out for your start date. For me, it's never better than to plan your move day for either when you're away at a conference, or your first day. About three days before your move, you get a bunch of cardboard boxes to put together, and a couple of sheets of stickers. The stickers (photo to follow) identify your old office, and the new one. You're responsible for filling the boxes and adding stickers. This is always an interesting time -- my office tends to organize itself geologically, with documents "I really should look at sometime" or "Shouldn't throw out" being buried by their mates. Moving is re-discovery, almost throwing them out, and realizing "I really should look at this sometime."

On the day, I tend to avoid both offices, to prevent scaring away any moving Brownies. At some point, the boxes magically move to the new office, and you can begin the task/joy of deciding to unpack, or leave for the next move (coming in May, apparently). Ah well, I need to unpack some. Intel finally has upgraded the install for the QX3Intel(R) Play(TM) QX3(TM) Computer Microscope to run under XP, and I'm dying to use it again.