OK, this is just plain weird. My computer and Pocket PC are both shocking me today. Fortunately, the keyboard isn't. However, if I just reach over to touch the mouse buttons on the laptop, I get a shock. Aren't these things supposed to be electrically isolated? Why just today? It's not 2112 yet (or was it 2012?). It may be the actual power cord for the laptop, as it also gave me a shock when I touched it (electrical shop in grade 8, and few brain cells have removed my good sense^H^H^H^H^H^H^H natural fear of getting shocked.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm vaguely tempted to sacrifice a network cable for grounding.

-------------------------------A few minutes later

OK, I think I have it tracked down -- it seems to be caused by the USB hub Duncan lent me. I knew he'd try to kill me sooner or later!