I'm probably the last one (as usual) to know these things, but I'll document anyway...

If you've created a ConfigSectionHandler, you may want to put it within one of the other sections. Alternately, you may just like to retrieve values out of one of the sections within the system.net or system.web trees. Either way, you can access these sections with the following:

myConfigObject = DirectCast(ConfigurationSettings.GetConfig("system.web/mySection"), myConfigType)
myConfigObject = (myConfigType)ConfigurationSettings.GetConfig("system.web/mySection");

(Depending on your language preference -- I'll try to remain out of that one. And one day I'll re-teach myself Forth, so I can do this stuff in RPN)

emit 'Currently listening to: Godlike/Doglike (KMFDM)'

Realized five minutes after the post -- duh! It's an XPath statement. Still, didn't occur to me before, so I leave this as another example/tribute to my stupidity.