One thing I still haven't gotten used to at Microsoft is morale events. Back when I used to work for myself, a morale event was taking the day off. During my stay at Infocorp, a morale event was "Who's getting the case, we're playing Unreal Tournament today". Finally, at "the unnamed place I spent 6 weeks at", a morale event was "You can wear a golf shirt today -- no logos"

At Microsoft, morale events are intended to introduce you to co-workers you may not normally deal with, make you happy you're working for the world's largest (and in many ways wierdest) software company, and to have fun. They are often done after two (or more) groups are merged, a new leader comes into power, or "just because we have budget". Often these are normal events, such as frag fests, go-karting, bowling -- I still have the bowling pin we were given at the tournament when we got a new VP (in my SOAP evangelism days) -- however, Friday last was one of the stranger ones.

We (meaning all of SaraW's org -- about 60-80 people showed up) participated in a "Scavenger/Mystery hunt" in downtown Seattle. Picture 8 teams of geeks, editors, etc. rampaging through the streets, counting steps, finding landmarks, asking people for socks, and learning about the city I've now visited about 6 times (visits to GameWorks not withstanding). Definitely different, and actually fairly fun. Learned a lot. Not just about the home of the original Skid Row (no, not that Skid Row), but also, "Oh, so that's so-and-so, the editor that will be tearing apart my sad prose."

So, now I'm charged up with morale (inside joke for those who know me), and ready to hit the road. Tomorrow, (the 5th), I'm off to New Orleans for Dev Connections. Looking forward to meeting a few people I've only dealt with in e-mail, and anyone else who shares a love of ASP.NET, the Framework, and both official languages (VB.NET and C#). Look for the guy with no smile and say "Hi, I'd love to write for MSDN". I'll try to blog some interesting stuff from down there.

Later... TTFN - Kent
[Listening to: Boy's Don't Cry, The Cure]