SeaTac Airport. Wi-Fi good.

My last job at the Shining Empire made me addicted to e-mail. I would often get little other work done during the day, as my Inbox was usually good for a few new messages as I replied to each. I would typically send 60-80 e-mails a day, and read a multiple of that. So, airport Wi-Fi keeps me happy. I can check my e-mail and see that there are only three e-mails since I left home. Only one I really have to deal with. Done.

Of course, I have something else on my mind. I noticed it first internally when the Windows Media 9 toys were launched a week or two back, and I've been seeing it externally now that Windows Server 2003 has become available. People complaining/commenting that X client software doesn't run on Server 2003. Blogging add-ins for Windows Media player, w.bloggar, etc. I think back to the glory days of Novell, when YOU WOULDN'T EVEN THINK OF USING A SERVER FOR YOUR DESKTOP MACHINE. Sorry, but Windows Media Player shouldn't even install on W2K3. It's server software, not workstation. Using it as your primary OS (especially as I'm guessing most of you log in as Administrator) increases your security hole. IMO, run XP Pro, install VMWare/Virtual PC if you must run a server on the same box. Ideally, however, install server on another box, disconnect the monitor, don't attach a mouse, and even don't attach a keyboard if you can get away with it. Use it as a server.

There, now this will hopefully be more fun than a VB.NET/C# dicscussion. ;)

[Listening to: United asking people telling people they're in an overflow situation]